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Presents from India

Winter Offers 2020/21


... and helping some of the older people of Kashmir

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A short introduction...

Do you miss India, as I do? To be in that great space, the blue skies and the mountains … the beautiful calm of Dal Lake ... or the beaches …. or just getting hot ….

I have spoken to a few of our friends there, and people we met (like Phuntsok in the Oriental Hotel in Leh, Ngawang Lhamo in Nyingtobling, Dharamsala, and Feroz of course, and his family in Srinagar). They are missing us too, and look forward to us coming back.


The idea...

Maybe you also wish you could have that great opportunity to buy some of the beautiful things we saw there...Those colourful shawls, warm Pashmina blankets or all the other things ….. Well at least with that, Feroz and I have worked out a way to help!

We offer that these will be sent to you from India, and so you can buy some beautiful things - even during lock-down - whether for yourself, or as unique gifts for your friends and family.

He is in Palolem in Goa just now, in a shop with very few customers. He has been using his time to photograph what he sells, and he will very happily send you anything you would want to buy.

Yes, it will help him to have a little income, but importantly, this is an idea to also support some people in need, in Kashmir. 30% of the sale price will go towards elderly people there, who are struggling to find a way to survive – please listen to this recording where he explains what is happening there:


The project that is being supported ...


We are trying to raise some money to support older people in Kashmir, who are finding it very hard to manage in the crisis (political) and lockdown (political & Covid).

30% of the price of each item sold will go to this project.

Here is Feroz talking about the situation.



The picture shows one of the people Feroz mentions, Mr. Abdul Aziz from Srinagar. He is 96 years old. He is not married. One of his hands is crippled, therefore he was unable to engage in much work. Mr. Aziz has no family and lives alone and now has difficulty managing for food and housing. 

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see below for the Winter Offers 2020/21

... and how you can help some of the older people of Kashmir

Pashmina Shawls 70x210cm fish bone; £23, 26€
Kanta-Work Stoles 45x205cm; £11, 12€
Block Print Rugs 120x190cm; £71, 79€
Silk & Wool Shawls 70x210cm; £11, 12€
Kashmiri Blankets 140x250cm; £87, 97€
Kashmiri Ponchos free size; £34, 38€
Fine Wool or Yak Wool Shawls 70x210cm; £20, 22€
Nomad Rugs 100x150cm; £262, 292€
Pashmina Narrow Scarves 180x40cm; £15, €17
Boiled Wool with Embroidery 70x180cm; £29, 33€
Kullu Valley Scarves 70x210cm; £35, 39€

How to order ...

Feroz is able to send everything directly from Goa. If you need a different colour or pattern, you can call him via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp video call, and he can show you what else is available. He will do his best to find the colour or pattern that you are after - or show you what else is available. His number for WhatsApp is 0091 99069 63639.

He will the post it to you the next day.

The sizes of the different shawls may vary a little, as all are hand-made.

Postage costs need to be added to the cost of the item. There are two options: UPS (about 5 days) or India Postal Service (takes longer). Please see the chart below for the costs that need to be added.

Payment will be sent directly to his account in India, using a very safe website called Transferwise (please use this link, if you have not used it before). Please ask either Feroz directly, or write to me from the chat box below and I will send the account details.

Cost and practical details...


It is possible to send with UPS (5-day delivery) or the Indian Postal Service (longer).

Below are the prices that need to be added to the price of the product (how about ordering for a local group and spreading the cost?)

Indian Postal Service

to 500g: £6/ 7€

to 1 kg: £9.60/ 11€

to 2kg: £16/ 18€

to 5kg: £18/ 20€

to 10kg: £28/ 31€ 

UPS Costs

to 500g: £13/ 15€

to 1 kg: £14/ 16€

to 2kg: £22/ 25€

to 5kg: £30/ 34€

to 10kg: £50/ 56€

To follow up your order or for confirmation when the parcel was sent, please contact Feroz directly.

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