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Introduction: I bring together nearly 40 years of exploration into working with the mind and 25 years of research and practice of body-based methods. I enjoy working at the interface of disciplines and bridging the gap between inner work and outward activity.

I am a clown, a movement trainer, a poet, a tour guide, and I am interested in unlikely interdisciplinary meetings.  My approach to teaching is light and playful. Over my life I have engaged in study, work and training in a wide spectrum, reaching from the contemplative to group performance, from solitary seclusion to journeying the world. 

I use movement improvisation with particular emphasis on somatic awareness. As applied improvisation, I employ these methods within the world of psychological health and well-being, or with people engaged in spiritual practices like mindfulness, or within projects of socially engaged action. All my workshops and offers are placed within this field. In settings as diverse as day-workshops, week-long retreats or 3-week journeys I encourage participants to pay close attention to the way that inner experience and outer events arise together (...more on this on the page About The Play of Now).


Biography: Born in Düsseldorf/Germany in 1961, I moved to the UK in 1980 where I spent a total of 22 years, mainly in London. At the age of 20 I encountered teachings from the Buddhist tradition, which had a formative influence on my whole life. In 1990 I became a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order and was given the name Jayachitta.

From the mid-nineties I developed an interest in story-telling, singing and performative methods, and discovered that there is a great deal of overlap between performative and contemplative methodologies. Since then my particular approach has been unfolding, and I enjoy sharing that exploration with others  - the work continues!

I live in Berlin and work and teach in the UK, USA, India, Holland and Germany. 

I continue study and practice of Buddhism and meditation with the teachings and guidance of James Low. 

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Expertise & Interests

  • Improvisation, particularly body-based somatic practices and their connection with psycho-physical methods.

  • Clown – understanding and enjoying our own uniqueness and fallibility, and especially the rich encounter with failure, that the clown offers.

  • Travelling  – encounters with new cultures, foreign ways of being and living, that allow up to open to different possibilities to the ones we habitually take for granted.


(Please click on each title for further information and programmes on offer)

Education & Qualifications

  • 2002 – 2004  Physical Theatre Training/ Theatre Creation/ Clown (based on Jacques Lecoq’s Teachings, at Kiklos Scuola, Padua, Italy)

  • 2004 - 2010  Clowning: Mick Barnfather, Moshe Cohen, Vivian Gladwell, UK

  • 1995 - 2010  Singing and Voice Training: Martin Sauermann, Germany

  • 2001 - 2002  Living Theatre Improvisation: Stephen Hollins, New Zealand

                            Theatre Sports: Keith Johnstone, New Zealand:

                            The Clown Inside/ Commedia dell'Arte: Lisa Brickell, New Zealand

  • since 1981  Practice of meditation and study within a Buddhist context

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