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      Applied Theatre

A short introduction...


Applied Theatre explores the use of drama and theatre as transformative and rehabilitative methods in a broad range of settings. Often associated primarily with work with children or young people in school and youth theatre, it is an equally potent method with adults in settings as diverse as hospitals or prisons, mental health day centres or homeless shelters, addressing either the teams working in there, or clients themselves, or both.

Creating art and theatre within their immediate surroundings, maybe not of their own choosing, participants can, through applied theatre projects, open up their immediate, or difficult situation and discover new paths to move on. Often people will stumble across unsuspected talents or joys, and so find out about a new spectrum of who they are or can become.

If your team is struggling with a familiar problem, or looking for new ways to forge their work and relationships, inquire about a tailor-made programme using methods from drama and theatre.

A longer introduction...


Jaya has worked in the field of Applied Theatre since 2004, for 11 years in the ethnically diverse setting of East London, mainly with adults. After studying for her MA (2013) from Royal Central School of Speech & Drama (London), Jaya focused more specifically on working within the Criminal Justice System and with ex-offenders. Since returning to Berlin in 2015, she has continued that work and also used drama and art activities to assist refugees in their arrival and integration in Germany.

Here are some of the projects Jaya has run:

  • Open Circle (2006 - 2010) – encouraging Community Cohesion within an atmosphere of increasing conflict among people from diverse ethnic and religious background. Open Circle used story-telling and performance and focused on women or, in a different project on young people aged 10-14.

  • Women Together/ Crossing the Road (2007 - 2008) – interfaith dialogue created through story-telling, deepening the understanding between people living side by side, often without much interaction. Followed by public performances.

  • Bounce Back to Work (2009 - 2015) – using storytelling and public presence training to assist unemployed women from the (mainly) Bangladeshi community in East London. This work, publicly funded, set targets to get women into employment, training or work experience (re-funded six times).

  • Shifting Point (2014 - 2015) – three theatre projects and performances with ex-offenders, women and men, including one with fathers, who performed for their own and invited children ('Monsters Wanted').

  • Tanz ins Unbekannte (2017) – Creativity, flexibility, self-confidence, cooperation: a movement and art project in the women's jail of Billwerder, near Hamburg

  • Sack & Pack (Berlin, 2017 - 2019) – three series of art, performance and creativity projects with refugee women in different hostels in Berlin

  • Verschwunde(n) (Bernau, 2020) – a 2-week holiday theatre project, for young people, exploring bullying, exclusion and how to heal difference. Funded by Demokratie Leben. The project included two performances. Click here for a report from MOZ Bernau.

  • #verschwunde(n): Theater #digital (2020) – an interactive theater project for young people, completeley conducted on digital platforms. This was made into a film, which was performed on Zoom. Funded by the Bundesverband für Theaterpädagogik.


Please contact Jaya if you would be interested in more detailed information about any of these projects.

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Applied Theatre Practitioner/ Freelance

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