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Dancing the Unknown

Movement Improvisation

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A short introduction...


In Movement Improvisation physical and vocal scores, exercises and games are used to promote creativity, mindfulness and a greater awareness of body and mind.


The spirit of improvisation encourages us to listen to ourselves and to research how we respond to each other, to learn how we can live more sane and happy lives.


Stepping into the space without plan we discover what choices we make and where our interest and fascination lie. We learn to engage and play with the texture and rhythm of our own and others' expressions.

One of the most powerful elements is that people have the chance to pay close attention to themselves and others within movement and have a lot of laughs along the way.

For upcoming open courses, and possibilities of team-training, see below.

Andrew Morrish - Interview
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Listen to the interview with Andrew Morrish, performer and improvisation teacher, and Jaya, discussing improvisation, meditation and how they are connected.

Presence and Openness ...


​Presence is not a metaphysical idea, but a necessity in improvisation: one needs to attend to what is happening now in order to create this moment and the next.


Openness is the quality of allowing whatever occurs to become a part of the creation as opposed to manufacturing an idea of events.


Both of these are essential to the practice of meditation and improvisation alike.

While meditation occurs, on the whole, sitting still, on a cushion or chair, eyes either open or closed, improvisation happens in a public space, moving with or in front of others - the same as we do in most of our lives.

Training at work ...


Improvisation teaches flexibility, creativity, innovation, communication, teamwork and leadership. It fosters the skills of listening to others, responding to unexpected challenges, or patiently staying with themes, to allow them time to unfold.

These skills can be practiced through movement improvisation, and then applied to a work context: 


- come together as a team or an ensemble to bring out the best in each person


- learn how to take the initiative as a leader and give impulses with the awareness of others' responses


- experience how to accept suggestions, and let them transform into your own material


- stay relaxed in unknown situations, with a sense of trust in what will arise


- engage with clarity, but suspend judgement

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The Play of Now offers workshops open to everyone, with or without previous experience, both for personal and spiritual development, as well as professional training and coaching. 

Workshops are offered for half a day, or run over a full immersive week. The programme is specifically tailored for each group with their diverse interest and concern, and can be arranged directly with me.

​Please see below for open workshops or get in touch to discuss a specific offer for your team or group.

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